Reopening at last!

We just received clarification from our governing body the other day about what stage 3 means for martial arts facilities and contact sports!

In short we are finally back! Real, unrestricted training. Seriously, normal training can resume! Full contact! Normal warmups! No social bubbles!


There are only a few tiny restrictions and protocols we as a business will still need to follow.

 – Capacity restrictions for the building (Schedulicity App will be used to reserve your spot, spectators will not be allowed for the moment to maximize class sizes)

– Contact tracing (Utilizing Schedulicity does this automatically)

– Masks (NO MASKS REQUIRED for training! However masks still need to be worn upon entering and exiting the building)

 That’s it! Those are the only protocols we need to follow! It almost seems too good to be true.

 I honestly can’t believe we have finally made it to this point and I am beyond excited for our reopening!


Saturday July 17th – Soft Opening

– Rollathon! 2 hours of rolling! (We will do two 1 hour sessions so more of you can get in, but honestly just drop by the front patio and watch or wait for an opening to hop in!)


July 19th through 31st – Modified Schedule

We are going to make sure everything is as it should be, get back into the swing of things and continually add classes back in. Schedule to be released soon.


Monday August 2nd – Grand Official Reopening!

Full expanded schedule resumes!


The most important thing to do right now is download the Schedulicity app and favorite Stratford BJJ.



The Free 30 Day Trial!

Is not going to be available until things completely normalize. While our class sizes under Stage 3 restrictions are quite large, we will not be able to offer a month-long period of free classes potentially bumping paying members.

We will be offering 1 free intro class to new people for the time being.



Are back as of August 2nd! I am most looking forward to this! These kids got the worst of covid restrictions and have been without a program since the pandemic began. Our Youth classes also had to deal with solo drills until we decided it wasn’t fair to them to continue teaching them in that manner.

Both programs will see a full return to normal, effective and fun training.

Parents we will be sending out a separate email for these programs shortly!


Please reach out with any questions and concerns you may have.

I cannot wait to see you all on the mats again soon!