We couldn’t be more proud of our teammates that competed this past weekend at the largest BJJ tournament held in Canada.

Stratford BJJ sent 4 competitors and came home with 3 medals – 2 Gold and 1 Silver.
While we compete in BJJ as individuals the results are shared by the team, because without everyone’s hard work on the mats our teammates could never had achieved what they did.

The incredible spirit shown by the whole team was apparent, lots of SBJJ members made the drive just to come out to support their training partners. 
This was a historic moment for SBJJ, it was the first time we competed as a team, and also the first time any of our individual members competed as well.

What makes the results even more impressive is the fact that our members fought with only 4 or less months of training. A special shout out to Dylan who had the cojones to compete with less than a month on the mats, he perfectly executed all of the techniques he knew of and were available. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the team is capable of the next time we compete.

On a side note Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu won the team title by a landslide which was helped in no small part by Stratford BJJ.