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Ryan O’Shea

Head Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Kickboxing Instructor

Ryan has been a dedicated BJJ practitioner for more than a decade, he received his Black Belt from Professor Jorge Britto within the Ribeiro lineage. Ryan is one of the lucky few to have had full time Black Belt instruction for his entire career. Only made possible through managing and instructing at Canada`s largest and most highly accredited Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy – Toronto BJJ.

Ryan’s teaching style focuses upon the fundamental techniques needed for having a solid, well rounded BJJ game. He will ensure your basics are strong enough to allow your progression into a more advanced style. Making sure that you are taught exactly what you need to learn and progress.

Through his position at Toronto BJJ Ryan was able to train with some of the best martial artists in Canada. While BJJ was always his main focus and passion, he also consistently trained Judo under Robert Currie (Multiple time Canadian Champion), Wrestling under Ainsley Robinson (1996 Olympian), MMA and Muay Thai under Mauricio Veio and Andre Dida (of team Chute Boxe), and various other specialists.

As one of the most experienced and well rounded competitors and instructors at Toronto BJJ, Ryan was a key training partner for the professional MMA fighters of the gym.

Ryan has also trained, coached and cornered multiple amateur and professional mixed martial artists for their endeavors in the ring.

So whether your goals are fitness and health, or eventually competing. He will help you fulfill them.

kris mma

Kris Allard

Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Coach Kris got his start in Karate. After receiving his Brown Belt he decided to give BJJ a try and quickly fell in love with the art. Kris’ acumen was instantly recognized, progressing faster than most students Professor Ryan had ever taught.

A Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Kris has also made his way into the sport of MMA, currently fighting as a professional after an outstanding run as an amateur, all while continuing his competitive BJJ career.

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 Ian Clark

Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Coach Ian is an instructor for our morning BJJ program and has been one of it’s most dedicated members for over 3 years. Professor Ryan awarded him his Blue Belt in December of 2015.

Always a lifelong fan of combat sports, he used his training to transform his sedentary life into one that is healthy and very active.

Ian trained at various gyms in London taking classes in Boxing, Muay Thai and grappling alongside his own strength and conditioning work.
Finding his home at Stratford BJJ, Ian took to Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instantly.

Starting with Stratford BJJ’s youth programs, Ian quickly has shown a natural ability to lead and instruct all types of classes at our Academy. While specializing in BJJ, he consistently trains in MMA and Boxing.
Besides continuing to develop the competitive side of his resume, he is looking forward to teaching the ever growing student body of Stratford BJJ.

If you haven’t tried one of Ian’s classes yet you are missing out. He blends a unique mix of Yoga and Ginastica Natural movements into his warm up and always has stretching as part of his cool down. All this on top of a technical teaching style leads to a very enjoyable morning class.


Josh Ferguson

Boxing Instructor

With over 7 years of coaching experience and almost a decade involved in boxing Coach Josh is extremely excited about passing along his knowledge and love for the sport.

Josh trains directly under Ontario Coach of the Year winner Stevie Bailey out of TnT Boxing. Coach Stevie as a native of Ireland has taught Josh a European style of Boxing, which is unique in Canada.

“Stevie has been in my corner ever since 2013 helping me compile a record of 10-3 and as well as Championships in Silver Gloves and Brampton Cup Championships at the 91+ kg weight class. The highlight of my career is having wins over every opponent I have ever faced; as well as serving as the main sparring partner for the current National Amateur Heavy Weight Champion. Training alongside numerous provincial and national champions, I have seen on a daily basis the importance of the basics of boxing and what it takes to be successful. My love of boxing combined with experience and a strong history of coaching I am honoured to bring a boxing element to Stratford BJJ and introduce our members to the sport and basics of boxing.”

Don’t miss out on Coach Josh’s highly informative and fun classes.

 brad bio pic

Brad Seftel

Yoga Instructor

Brad started practicing yoga in 2003 and was quickly aware of its transformative power. Since then he has practiced multiple Yoga disciplines. In 2005 he received a Teacher Training Certificate in Ashtanga Yoga from The Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto and began his teaching practice. In 2006, Brad expanded his Yoga world and began to practice Restorative Yoga. Studying under the tutelage of Judith Lasater in Edmonton, Alberta, he achieved a Restorative Yoga Certification in 2006. Brad met his biggest influence, Hart Lazer. during his first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Brad would later spend four years studying with Hart. This experience provided Brad with a strong foundation in the alignment principals of Iyengar Yoga and the deeper psychological aspects of asana.

Throughout much of his Yoga practice and study Brad also trained in Kung Fu at Golden Tiger School of Kung Fu, specifically the southern style of Hung Gar, noted for its power and style. After five years of intense practice and training in Kung Fu, and achieving a blue belt, Brad left the sport, deciding to devote all of his energies to studying Yoga in all of its manifestations.

After six years of teaching Yoga, Brad went on to earn a diploma as a Registered Massage Therapist. Through this program of study Brad has gained a thorough understanding of anatomy and the therapeutics of Yoga.

Together, his combined studies have developed into a solid base of knowledge and experience. Brad also brings to the table a compassionate interest in helping each student, no matter their age, ability, or degree of skill to ensure a positive and healthful personal experience.

Brad is also a Blue Belt in BJJ here at the academy.