Covid-19 Update – March 31st


Dear Members, Free trial members, family and friends of Stratford BJJ,


This is an unprecedented time for small business, it is particularly difficult for those in the fitness industry such as ourselves.

It pains us that we have had to be closed for 2 full weeks now. We miss you all, especially our Kid’s and Youth members.

There is no clear indication on when we will be allowed to reopen our doors. Rest assured we will open as soon as we are able!


We greatly appreciate the support we have been getting from our members. The messages we receive really do brighten our day. Thank you!


We have already decided that we will NOT be charging any of our monthly members come April 1st. We have received a lot of messages telling us to continue billing, again thank you but we have made this decision for ease of tracking memberships, to remove some of your financial burden during a difficult time and because it is the right thing to do.

For our other members that pay by time. Your memberships are all on freeze time. That means we will adjust your memberships for missed time as they become expired. The same as we have always done for extended layoffs.

Free 30 Day Trial members! We hope this annoying time encourages you to come back into the gym as soon as we reopen. We are wiping the slate clean for everyone, all trials can start a fresh month for free as though you hadn’t been here before.


If you want to support the Academy in some way, you can renew your memberships via e-transfer with a 13% discount. The membership will start once we reopen or be added to the existing membership time on your file.


It is our hope that by mid April we will be given the OK to begin classes again.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook page(widget links are at the top right of our home page) for lessons, workouts and more. Live lessons are difficult for grappling as a partner is needed, we are also doing our best to stay out of the gym to avoid any contamination of the facility. We will announce any live classes on our social media the day day before they happen.


STAY HOME, the quicker things quiet down the sooner we get to train again!


Thank you for your continued support!