Covid-19 Update and class cancellations

Starting Monday March 16th Stratford BJJ will be closed for one week. We will update you with changes as more information becomes available. Most likely we will move to a modified schedule to limit class size thereafter until the true situation with this virus becomes clear.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gyms are by necessity some of the most clean/disinfected facilities in fitness. Do to the close counters nature of our art we deal with more aggressive bacterial and viral potential threats than most martial arts. We are no stranger to the risk, transmission and worst-case scenarios that come with these illnesses. We do not take cleaning lightly or merely as a chore. A clean facility is a safe facility for us.

We were fully committed to remaining open as it was our personal belief that this is no more than a bad cold, no different than most seasonal viruses and that if basic precautions were taken all would be fine.

Due overwhelming social pressure AND the recommendation of multiple health professionals that we know and trust we have decided to close for one week and see where this goes.

Our academy already has a freeze time clause in all of our memberships, anyone who wishes to utilize this clause is welcome to in the normal way. We can clarify to any that are unaware.

We apologize to all our members for having to take this over precaution. However, if it helps our healthcare system in anyway it is worth it.

Outside of vigilant personal hygiene it is recommended that you mitigate any potential contact with the elderly as they are the ones at risk.

In the interim please watch our video series that contains our complete white belt curriculum here……

Make good use of your time… Stretch!

Best regards,

-Stratford BJJ