Unfortunately due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic we have been forced to comply with rules that allow for ZERO contact between athletes engaged in combat sports. This makes it completely impossible to teach the martial arts practiced here at Stratford BJJ.

Despite other team sports being granted special rules that allow for slightly modified play, no updates have been granted to us by the powers that be.

We continue to fight for reasonable restrictions for our industry that will keep both our members and the community safe.

Until an update is made to the emergency act, or, we are given the same treatment as other contact or even non-contact team sports we are unable to open.

We apologize to you all.

If you wish to receive more up to date information please email us at


We are open!

Lot’s of safety protocols in place so bear with us as we get used to this new normal. Classes have been going great and we are so happy to be back on the mats learning and having fun with our training partners.

Please take a look at the video below so you know what to do when you arrive back at the gym.

Members MUST reserve their spot in class via and should try their best to find someone within their social circle that already trains at the academy to be their partner.

Please check back weekly for updates. We post much more often on our Facebook Page and Instagram(check the widget top right) with the latest information.

Our Free 30 Day Trial is also back! Find a partner in your social circle and bring them out to the best time they ever had getting in shape while learning a valuable skill! Space is limited so preregister ASAP via our Contact Form here on the website.

Our current schedule…

Schedule sept 14th

Thank you all for your continued support!



Session 2 of our incredibly popular Kids program begins January 2nd!

Due to overwhelming demand we have changed our program to pre-registration ONLY.

Those that have already registered will be guaranteed a spot, if there is room still available spots will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. There are only 10 spots available for session 2.

To pre-register please email us at with the following information.

Pre-Registration Form

Child’s Name -
Age -
Previous Martial Arts/Sports Experience -
Parents/Guardians Names -
Main Contact Phone -
Main Contact Email -
Emergency Contact Name -
Emergency Contact Phone -
Child’s Health Concerns(asthma, bad allergies etc.) -
Where did you hear about our Program? -


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