Did you know that Stratford BJJ offers classes tailor made for people just getting into the art?

We follow a meticulously crafted and tested curriculum that was designed to build a solid foundation of technique and applied ability. There is no better way to try out BJJ!

Our curriculum takes 10 weeks to get through, and slowly layers techniques together so you get a clear and concise understanding of the basics.

Starting Tuesday October 6th our White Belt curriculum is restarting at the beginning! So there is no better time to give our FREE 30 DAY TRIAL a go!

Our White Belt BJJ classes run every Tuesday and Thursday, in 3 different time slots – 7:30am, 11am and 6pm.

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Morning BJJ classes

All of you early risers and night shift workers it is time to get excited!

Starting this September 1st Stratford BJJ is offering early morning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30am!

We are also starting the White Belt curriculum September 1st as well. The curriculum is designed to give you all the fundamental knowledge and technique needed to have a well rounded and solid BJJ game.

With more classes being added to the schedule along with the curriculum, there is no better time to get your Free 30 Day Trial started!

Contact us today and become a healthier, happier you through martial arts!


Welcome to Stratford Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Home to Perth and Oxford Counties preeminent and most highly accredited Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We pride ourselves on the environment our instructors and members have created. Open, welcoming of all, and completely free of ego.

Experience the difference that professional and experienced instruction will have on your technical development. We leave competition as an individual’s choice, but with the best instruction and training in Stratford you will be ready for any competitive aspirations.

Our inviting facility is bright, modern and fully equipped.

We hope to see you on the mats soon!

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