"I spent my first few years in BJJ training under the tutelage of Ryan. The quality of his instruction is apparent not just in the techniques he teaches, but in the way he breaks down concepts and strategy for competition. In addition, his teaching style provides a calm and relaxed environment in which to learn. After starting with Ryan in 2007, I have since gone on to win multiple titles at the international level. I owe a lot of my success to Ryan and recommend him, especially for new students to the art."

Gabe Sagman - IBJJF NoGi World Champion

"I have been training BJJ alongside Ryan O'Shea for almost 6 years. I have nothing but good things to say about his Jiu-Jitsu as well as him as a person and teacher. If you are looking to learn from someone with BJJ legitimacy then Ryan is your man."

Thomas Beach - IBJJF World Champion

"Ryan O'Shea has worked with me in MMA, BJJ, Kick Boxing, and Conditioning. He pushed me to reach my mental and physical potential and this elevated my martial arts to a whole new level. Now as one of Canada's top BJJ and No-Gi athletes I can attest that Ryan is the REAL DEAL! I can't wait to see his new location!"

Jon-Taine Hall - Multi-tournament champion

"Nothing but good things to say about Ryan O'Shea. Great BJJ instructor, good training partner and very good MMA coach. Everyone that I know has nothing but glowing reviews of his classes and MMA training sessions. I strongly suggest you check him out!!!!"

Kerry Marine - Toronto BJJ Kickboxing Head Instructor


Welcome to Stratford Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Home to Perth and Oxford Counties preeminent and most highly accredited Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We pride ourselves on the environment our instructors and members have created. Open, welcoming of all, and completely free of ego.

Experience the difference that professional and experienced instruction will have on your technical development. We leave competition as an individual’s choice, but with the best instruction and training in Stratford you will be ready for any competitive aspirations.

Our inviting facility is bright, modern and fully equipped.

We hope to see you on the mats soon!

Try us today with our Free 30 Day Trial…

100% risk free and absolutely no obligations!


Covid-19 Update – March 31st


Dear Members, Free trial members, family and friends of Stratford BJJ,


This is an unprecedented time for small business, it is particularly difficult for those in the fitness industry such as ourselves.

It pains us that we have had to be closed for 2 full weeks now. We miss you all, especially our Kid’s and Youth members.

There is no clear indication on when we will be allowed to reopen our doors. Rest assured we will open as soon as we are able!


We greatly appreciate the support we have been getting from our members. The messages we receive really do brighten our day. Thank you!


We have already decided that we will NOT be charging any of our monthly members come April 1st. We have received a lot of messages telling us to continue billing, again thank you but we have made this decision for ease of tracking memberships, to remove some of your financial burden during a difficult time and because it is the right thing to do.

For our other members that pay by time. Your memberships are all on freeze time. That means we will adjust your memberships for missed time as they become expired. The same as we have always done for extended layoffs.

Free 30 Day Trial members! We hope this annoying time encourages you to come back into the gym as soon as we reopen. We are wiping the slate clean for everyone, all trials can start a fresh month for free as though you hadn’t been here before.


If you want to support the Academy in some way, you can renew your memberships via e-transfer with a 13% discount. The membership will start once we reopen or be added to the existing membership time on your file.


It is our hope that by mid April we will be given the OK to begin classes again.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook page(widget links are at the top right of our home page) for lessons, workouts and more. Live lessons are difficult for grappling as a partner is needed, we are also doing our best to stay out of the gym to avoid any contamination of the facility. We will announce any live classes on our social media the day day before they happen.


STAY HOME, the quicker things quiet down the sooner we get to train again!


Thank you for your continued support!






Session 2 of our incredibly popular Kids program begins January 2nd!

Due to overwhelming demand we have changed our program to pre-registration ONLY.

Those that have already registered will be guaranteed a spot, if there is room still available spots will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. There are only 10 spots available for session 2.

To pre-register please email us at stratfordbjj@gmail.com with the following information.

Pre-Registration Form

Child’s Name -
Age -
Previous Martial Arts/Sports Experience -
Parents/Guardians Names -
Main Contact Phone -
Main Contact Email -
Emergency Contact Name -
Emergency Contact Phone -
Child’s Health Concerns(asthma, bad allergies etc.) -
Where did you hear about our Program? -




Open House!

Join us Saturday January 12th to help us celebrate our 5th year anniversary!
If you have ever wondered what our classes, facility, instruction or teammates are like this is your opportunity!
Drop in, say hi, ask questions or just peep through the windows if that’s all you want to do… OR join us for class!
We offer a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL that you can start any time!
www.stratfordbjj.com for our full schedule or more info.

See you there!


Our Kids program returns from summer break September 10th!

If you want your child involved in a Martial Art that teaches respect and discipline through experience, look no further.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all about applied technique. We do not practice moves through “Kata”, all techniques are performed on partners, and live resistance based training is a major part of every class.

In this way students learn to work with and respect each other, because it would be impossible to build knowledge and ability without said respect. A healthy ego and humility is enforced because they WILL lose and win against their teammates on a daily basis. Their discipline will be reinforced because without effort and work ethic they will not improve as quickly as their more disciplined teammates.

All of this is gained through real, live interaction with Stratford BJJ’s top notch instructors and coaches. As well as with a fantastic group of kids we have training here at the academy.

Your child will gain real self-defense skills, build confidence, be healthier in body and mind and have a great competitive outlet should that be within your goals.

We offer two age groups to make sure your kids are taught safely and intelligently. So register soon, our classes fill quickly.

JJfL_horizontal_longThrough our ethos and curriculum as part of the  Jiu-Jitsu for Life Team we will teach everything your child needs to know to grow into a great martial artist and member of our community. We “Promote the positive practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”.

 Sign up today for our Free 30 Day Trial and see for yourself why we are an award winning academy!


This November marks a very important milestone in my life. I have always had ongoing hobbies and passions in my life, but none such as this.
No other sport has impacted and changed me the way this one has. No other activity has so influenced my behavior as this. No other job has given me so much.

November 2015 marks the completion of my 10th year in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

After getting my start in martial arts through Karate, I fell in love with the idea of hand to hand combat….

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